petak, 30. prosinca 2011.

Daily Mess - Handmade Accessories

Charleston Headband

Pastel & Pearl Bracelet

Mismatched Lovelies

Purple Gems

Blanc et Noir Necklace

I wanted to share my craftiness. These are some pieces I made in last three days. I am having a little "sale  exhibition" together with my friends tomorrow, and all of this is going with me. I am going to sell my jewelry for the 4th time. It's so exciting! I will make some more pictures tomorrow so you get the impression how it went. Stay tuned!  

utorak, 20. prosinca 2011.

Mismatched Items Craze

Mismatched china give that laid-back and cozy feel to the whole table look. I, personally, love mismatched china. The ones that I like best are the ones with Victorian flowers. Right now I am preparing an exam concerning Victorian literature. I find it interesting after the dark Medieval literature and Romanticism. 

Mismatched chairs are also something that I would like to have someday in a household. Especially if they are in various warm colours they simply scream: feels like home! 

I am seriously upset about the whole production of modern things and I also think by using mismatched old things, we recycle and that way we protect our nature. 
Do you prefer re-using old furniture and dishes that you find on the flea market or at your grandma's, or you go for the modern alternative? 
P.S. I figured it doesn't take such a long time to post on my blog when I'm inspired, so I am going to be posting more often.