petak, 30. prosinca 2011.

Daily Mess - Handmade Accessories

Charleston Headband

Pastel & Pearl Bracelet

Mismatched Lovelies

Purple Gems

Blanc et Noir Necklace

I wanted to share my craftiness. These are some pieces I made in last three days. I am having a little "sale  exhibition" together with my friends tomorrow, and all of this is going with me. I am going to sell my jewelry for the 4th time. It's so exciting! I will make some more pictures tomorrow so you get the impression how it went. Stay tuned!  

utorak, 20. prosinca 2011.

Mismatched Items Craze

Mismatched china give that laid-back and cozy feel to the whole table look. I, personally, love mismatched china. The ones that I like best are the ones with Victorian flowers. Right now I am preparing an exam concerning Victorian literature. I find it interesting after the dark Medieval literature and Romanticism. 

Mismatched chairs are also something that I would like to have someday in a household. Especially if they are in various warm colours they simply scream: feels like home! 

I am seriously upset about the whole production of modern things and I also think by using mismatched old things, we recycle and that way we protect our nature. 
Do you prefer re-using old furniture and dishes that you find on the flea market or at your grandma's, or you go for the modern alternative? 
P.S. I figured it doesn't take such a long time to post on my blog when I'm inspired, so I am going to be posting more often. 

subota, 5. studenoga 2011.

Autumn Sparks

I thought these boots would make a wonderful composition with polka dots burgundy dress
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This was one of the warm and nice October days, my boyfriend and I went for a walk and he took a lot of pictures of me. I think autumn is the best season to feel inspired about outfits. In winter, you're kind of always under your coat. Springs can be very cold. In summer it's too hot for layers and variety, but autumn is perfect, I find. :) 
I have seen a lot of movies lately, but I would like to reccomend one. It is called "Before Sunset". It's not really famous but it's got a lot of inteligent points of view, so, definitely, one of the best I've seen. 
Right now, I am trying to focus on my upcoming exams so I am not sure that I am going to be able to do things that I love, such as making accessories, jewelry and DIY projects with my clothes. Nevertheless, if I find the time to do some of those things, I will post here. 

petak, 21. listopada 2011.

Remembering Summer 2011

This summer has been very "rich" for me since I went to three different places. First I went to Exit Festival in Novi Sad for the first time in my life, thanks to my fiance who has organized this trip for us. It has been such a great experience to be a part of the crowd. I loved the adventorous spirit there and we enjoyed our afternoon walks in the city which had a charming restaurant where we drank beers and enjoyed delicious meals.
We sat at this table next to the vintage piece of kitchen which I found very cute and told Dinko (my fiance) that we should have one like that when we get our own appartment.  On the first night of Exit we went to see Beirut, which was my favorite band. I really enjoyed it although they played at 2.00 am. We also saw Editors and Portishead which are also my favorite. My boyfriend prefers punk and punk rock and his choice were Bad Religion, and also some of the local punk bands: Ritam Nereda and Atheist Rap. I found them amusing and didn't mind listening to them. It was such a great experience and I think I would go to festivals of that kind when I get kids. What do you think about that matter of changing your habits once you start a family life?
In my next post I will write about my trip to France (Provence) which is a particular story since I like France very much. 


Beirut <3
The upside-down state :)

p.s. the video for this song is actually a lovely stop motion video made by someone and I love both. It fits perfectly to this song. Enjoy yourselves!